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Check the Google Doc for currently running events!

Fatalis Trio is live for CP farming! This needs access to the Limited Routes!

HL Hiden has arrived early! Every 30-Day subscription bought gives you 5 tickets to exchange for Hiden decorations on the Combiner! You need to be GR500 to unlock the option but can get the tickets in advance for hitting GR500!

Freshly Made Accounts made up until the 30th of August get a free month of sub! This does not include hiden!

About Site

This site contains info on the Taiwanese version of Monster Hunter Frontier for English speakers.

The Taiwanese version is behind by about 9 months and has a cheaper core subscription and no VPN requirements.

Check the Basics & Beginners section if you are just starting.

PC, PS4, PS3 and Vita players all share servers, you can play with anyone on any version!

For PSN users the game is officially on the Malaysian (MY), Taiwananese (TW), Hong Kong (HK) and Singapore (SG) stores. Choose the account you can get the cheapest prepaid PSN codes for.

Key Points
  • • Endless Free Trial (Cannot go above HR4)
  • • Does not need a VPN, multi-region with no bans
  • • 30 Days Sub for around $5~10 (50% off first month)
  • • Around 8 months behind JP.
  • • Has premium locked elements. Details.
  • Comparison with the Japanese Servers.

Free Trial

The free trial allows you to do most content up to HR4. There is a good amount of content below HR5 but it is firmly in the region of being more of a tutorial progression wise.

A lot of the older Frontier exclusives are available on the trial but all of the newest additions are HR5 and higher, with everything being completely G Rank oriented from Z1 onwards.

The trial does not actually end and you can continue playing but you cannot go up in rank while not subbed nor can you do anything above HR4. Progress is not lost if you stop subscribing, you simply can't go up ranks or do some content.

Other Points

Server Maintenance is 10:00 to 16:00 every Thursday TW time. A notice appears in the header on maintenance days. Large updates will have 8 hours of maintenance rather than 6.

English Guild

The English Guild is called Cappuccino and instructions for joining are in the sidebar under English Guild and Guild Hall
Note: I am not Vamp, the Guild Leader. I'm Carnivean in game.

Stray Pages
Attack Ceiling List
Gunner Reload and Recoil Calc
Dualshock Drivers
DualShock 3 Drivers
DualShock 4 Drivers
I would recommend binding Select to pressing the touchpad.

Japanese Links
Ferias A functionally complete database for everything MHF.
Japanese @wiki A JP wiki.

Chinese Links
TW Ferias Clone
MHFG TW Capcom Homepage Weekly Quests
MHFOTW @wiki
@wiki Monster Index

Basic Game Information

This section was authored in 2014, it's probably all still valid but I haven't looked over it in a long while.

What is Monster Hunter

Monster Hunter is an action adventure game in which you are a hunter. The main goal is to hunt large monsters. To do this you gather materials by mining, gathering insects, fishing, and hunting. You can then use the gathered materials to craft weapons, armour and decorations.

Weapons and Usage

Try them all out! You start with one of each weapon type allowing you try all the weapons to at least get a feel of them. The weapons can be roughly broken down to:

Fast Cutting
Sword and Shield
Dual Swords
Long Sword

Slower Cutting
Great Sword

Hunting Horn

Weapons with which you fight from a distance
Heavy Bowgun
Light Bowgun

Melee weapons have a sharpness value, this is indicated by a bar on them and with a sword icon that has an associated colour, you will want this as high as possible. Having too little sharpness will cause you to bounce while striking foes causing problems. Sharpness goes down when landing attacks and can be regained by using a whetstone on your weapon.
Sharpness values are:
Red > Orange > Yellow > Green > Blue > White > Purple > Cyan
With the further right being the better to have.

Impact weapons can knock out opponents and are (usually) suited to hitting different areas of a monster than cutting weapons are.

Bowguns use various ammo types:
Normal S Lv 1 is a last resort.
Normal S Lv2-3 are standard shots.
Pierce S penetrates a target and hits multiple times.
Pellet S fires in a cone in front of you and has a mild homing effect to monsters if close enough to a weakspot.
Crag S are Clust S explosive rounds.
All elements and status effects have their own rounds.
Ammo can be purchased from the store or combined from various gatherable or purchasable materials.
Bowguns have a range at which you can start to crit, this is indicated by a white circle during flight:

Bows have infinite ammo and are drawn to be fired, which charges shots.
There are three levels of charge as standard with each level having higher multipliers on the shot type. Releasing this will fire a shot based on the level of charge, which will have it's own type and level associated. Pressing the secondary attack button while on a level two charge will also fire an arcing shot.

Bow Charge levels, Shot and Arc types included with each bow, they cannot be changed.

Getting Equipment

You can make weapons using materials from mining, catching insects, hunting and gathering. These weapons are made at a Blacksmith.

Weapon Quality

Depending on weapon type you may want to focus on certain things:
Great Sword and Hammer are more Raw damage oriented (large values on basic attack).
SnS and DS favour elemental (large values of elemental damage).
LS and Lances are fine with either.
Hunting Horn's most important stats are the song notes, followed by raw.
HBG is mostly Raw focused and as such is best with Normal S and Pierce S.
LBG is good with Normal, Ele and Status depending on how you use it and the Bowgun in question. LBGs can have Rapid Fire which will fire multiple rounds for the cost of a single round.
Bows should be matched to their target, if you can consistently hit an elemental weakspot with a certain shot type it's wise to use an elemental bow suited to that role. Raw bows can also still work well.


Decorations grant skill points, each armour piece grants some amount of skill points to various skills. After amassing enough points in these skills you will gain some benefit. Decoration Gems can be inserted into any equipment possessing slots to give more skill points.

Getting Started

Do the tutorial, buy some picks and bug nets and go hunting! Mine and gather whenever you feel you can early on to try and keep up a pool of low rank materials. It might be worth watching some videos or reading some other guides


Set your System Locale to Chinese or you will face issues in game!
This can be done in your region and language settings! Simply google 'How to change System Locale on Windows XX' for help with this for your operating system!
Applocale is not sufficient for this purpose! If you are not getting hourly messages from the server to take a break you will have issues including outright being unable to play with some people and not being able to see chat correctly.

Simply google 'How to change System Locale on Windows XX' for help with this for your operating system if you can't find this section.

Applocale and the various other programs to achieve its function are not sufficient for this purpose and the game will still error if it has to process certain chinese characters. If you are not getting hourly messages from the server to take a break you will have issues including outright being unable to play with some people and not being able to see chat correctly.

Playstation Network

If you are on PSN (Vita, PS3, PS4) rather than PC you should simply be able to make a new PSN in the Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore or Hong Kong regions and search 'Frontier Z' in the PSN store and find the game. This will appear as either "魔物獵人FRONTIER Z (中文版)" or "Monster Hunter Frontier Z (Chinese Ver.)" depending on settings.

I have no guide beyond this but fields for signing up inside the game itself are Username, Email, Password and Password (Again).

You need to be on the regional account in order to pay for subscriptions, so don't download it then start it on a normal region account. PS Plus is not required to play online. Cheapest region has historically been Malaysia.

Signing Up

Signing up is a very simple process, visit the Main Site and then click the register link below the login button:

After clicking the register button you will be taken to a page to enter a username, E-mail and password.

After clicking continue you will be taken to a page asking if you want to make a full account, click the upper button and you're done (steps past 2 are optional).

Download and Install

After signing up you need to download the game, you can either grab it from Capcom TW directly or from a Google Drive mirror.

After it is finished simply launch the installer and install as you would any other application.

Set your System Locale to a Traditional Chinese variant or you will be unable to play with all players and will fail to receive messages from other players and the server!
Seriously do it. I don't mention it multiple times for no reason. Don't be a lazy piece of shit.

System Locale can be changed by going into Region and Language in the Control Panel, clicking the Administrative tab followed by the Change system locale button. Any Chinese Locale will allow you to receieve all server messages and play with all players.
It's safe to simply leave locale as Chinese after changing it once and it shouldn't affect anything else much if at all.

Don't be an idiot who thinks "Oh it's working despite this giant block of text! It'll work until it stops you connecting to someone and then you'll have to actually fix it when you were trying to play the game.

Launching the Game

Set your System Locale to Chinese or you will face issues in game!
Applocale is not sufficient!
This is in the section multiple times to reinforce that you are stupid if you don't do it!


Change your timezone to (UTC+08:00) Taipei whenever you want to log into the game, being in another timezone will cause logging in to fail. A quick guide can be found here.

Although the launcher is branded Frontier Z now it is completely unchanged mechanically, it's just green now.

A translation of the launcher options found under 'configure settings' can be found here.
Generally speaking you will only need to use the log in functions after setting your desired resolution settings and toggling between high grade or normal graphics. Detailed graphics settings for both normal and high grade modes are configured in-game.

Main Menu

Upon starting the game proper you will be put onto a menu with four options that are as follows:

Quick Start - Automatically selects a server for you
Choose Server - Allows you to pick a server to join and view which servers friends are on

Character Creation

Character Creation will take place after choosing either to choose a server or to quick start:

The options are in English and each section has a master selection option with filters for individual sub-types (e.g. dark skin, long hair, light skin etc.). Select randomises your character and right stick or K and ; rotates your character.

After making your character visually you will be prompted to choose what weapon type you will have equipped. This is simply what you have equipped when you first start and can be changed later. As with mainline all characters start with basic versions of each weapon in their box..

Controls, Menus & Chat

Xbox One controllers and Windows 8 or 10 can cause issues with inputs, you may have to manually install different drivers to use one of these!
If you have issues and manage to manually fix them properly, contact me with info on how. I don't use bad windows versions so I can't help anyone who has

If you are a using a controller and want the game to play like the more recent MH titles, refer to the image guide here this will cause the game to use a set up similar to the PSP or 3DS games (Right analogue and dpad for camera), the default setting is similar to the PS2 MH games (Right analogue for attacks, dpad for camera).

Keyboard and Mouse

Keyboard wise there are a number of bindings by default with a default set up being:
WASD for Movement
Q for Item Use
R for Block etc.
Mouse for Camera
Number keys / Numpad / Mouse Buttons for Attacks

Chat and Gestures

You can access in game chat by pressing insert (or by holding L2 and R2 on controller), there are various filters and modes available.

You can toggle filters with the buttons at the top of the chat pane and change modes with:
To whisper a player you can press square while in front of them or click their name in the chat window.
You can perform gestures by hitting # and then the F keys (6 will open the second page of gestures).

Chat Commands

@here will cause you to post a link to the server you are currently on that other players may click.

@re will cause insert the number of spots left on your quest.

@dice will post the results of a dice roll with a range of 1-100.

@clr1/@clr2/@clrall/@clrpast will clear the chat.

@help will display all available commands.

@a/@f/@p/@g/@u will send a message to certain chats. In order they are Global, Local, Party, Guild and Alliance.

<act1> through <act24> will cause you to perform a gesture.
<act25> through <act48> will cause you to perform any legendary gestures you might have bought with Tower Medals (in town only).

Pasting in game

It's possible that if you attempt to paste into the game directly it will simply put out a string of ???? rather than Chinese characters, you should be able to remedy this by pasting into either an Office Suite, a Browser or the windows Character Map tool.
Microsoft Office, LibreOffice and Apache OpenOffice should all work in terms of Office suites. And all browsers can potentially work with Edge having best results on windows 10.


Main Start Menu
Chat Menu
Getting Event Items, Purchased Items etc.
Check the Menus and NPCs section for detailed guides to the menus not covered here.

Town Guide
Click here to show town guide below (Image Heavy)
In-Game Tutorial

Please Note:
You start with an HR5 weapon and in general HR1 through HR4 is very easy compared to the rest of the game and ultimately mostly serves as a basic tutorial.

The content ramps up somewhat harshly at HR5 onwards. The various urgent quests are also scaled down to be easily soloable.

It's recommended to make a new weapon from scratch and disable NPCS (see menus section) if you want to pad out the earliest stages of the game for whatever reason.

If you simply ignore the NPC who tries to talk to you at the start of the game after the forced dialogue you can simply run down into the square proper and talk to the Guild Girl wearing Black, after you hit HR2 he will no longer attempt to guide you through the tutorial. Skip to the 'First Quests' part of this guide if you want to do this.

After you have made a character you will be introduced to an NPC on arriving in town, they will ask you a couple of questions and then you will be presented with the beginner quests, these quests must be completed before you can join a guild or do real quests.

Upon starting you will also be presented with your first Daily Bonus (a daily reward sent to either your Capcom Giftbox or to a Guildie in the Blacksmith) and prompted to look at the Hunter Navigation tasks.

Hunter Navigation tasks are achievements that give rewards for completion, you can immediately complete three by simply looking at the details for them. To see the challenges hit R1+R2 or Shift+C on the keyboard, to view details simply press Square or Z on keyboard.
A full list of Hunter Navigation tasks can be found here.

If you talk to the Helper NPC you will be railroaded to taking your first quest. This is hunting a Gogomoa. First you will need to skip through the various text prompts as they pop up (simply press whatever is cancel) and select 'No' when a prompt comes up.

After the prompt use the Blue Box. From this grab the coin and deliver it to the Red Box. This will allow you to exit to the north and actually kill the Gogomoa which will trigger the end of the quest.

After killing the Gogomoa you will get a standard quest end screen allowing you to take rewards, followed by a list of how much HRP you gained, monster stats etc.

When you get back to town you will be automatically taken to outside of the Blacksmith, talk to the NPC there again and it will cause you to enter and prompt you to make any single weapon of any type that is available. Simply craft something, skip through the prompts about facilities that are avaialble and exit.

After this you will be taken to outside of the Guild Hall, skip through the text and respond No (否) when prompted to avoid an infinite loop.

Next you will be taken to your house and asked to pull up the Hunter Navigation tasks menu, this can be done by hitting R1+R2 or Shift+C, after this he will enter the house and remain there until you hit HR2.

From this point you can talk to either the Guild Master or the Guild Girl in Black at the reception desks in the center of town. They will take you through a basic introductionary quest where you fight a bulldrome which will push you to the point you need to do an urgent. These quests are pretty straight forward and are the only things you can choose quest wise until the sequence is over.

You may also want to go into options (選項) followed by Chat Options (聊天) and simply disable all of the options from the bottom up to disable the NPCs shouting at you in chat and making sound effects while doing so:

First Quests

It is worth noting that the weapon that characters start with is an HR5 Gou Weapon, if you want a proper experience you would be wise to swap to the weapon that is crafted in the sequence above.

There is also very little difficulty in general until HR5! This is firmly about the equivalent to Low Rank at best in the current version of MHF-Z!

After either doing or ignoring the tutorial you can talk to the Black Guildie to start your quests proper. The game follows a standard Key Quests into Urgent system like that in the mainline games. Key Quests always sort to the top of the Quest List and have a rather obvious Star icon. Selecting 獵人任務 on this NPC will bring up star ratings where you can start doing quests proper. Urgents are indicated after you unlock one by the NPC having an exclamation mark above their heads in red which allows you to select 緊急任務 instead of a star rating to do the Urgent.

After Starting

It is highly recommended you work through the Hunter Navigation tasks, these give various materials and rewards which are incredibly useful and mostly do not need you to go too far out of your way to be completed. You can view details on achieving them in the Google Document.

Make sure to read the Detailed Weapon Information part of the Weapons section in the sidebar for an overview of the changes Frontier has made to the various weapon movesets, some of the actions are not something you may try naturally and as such it is definitely worth reading to ensure you don't miss anything.

You should start with the Key Quests indicated by the star icon followed by the first Urgent Quest which is an Abiorugu.

For more detailed information check out each of the sections in the sidebar. Almost anything you might need to know should be covered in an appropriate section.

When to Subscribe

The trial lasts until HR4 and as such you do not have to subscribe to progress until you hit it. I would personally recommend subscribing as soon as possible or at HR4, HR4 is the point at which you gain access to the Pugi farm which is directly needed to get Frontier's equivalent of Talismans or Charms, see the House and AI Companions section for details on Pugis.

The biggest reason to subscribe is simply that you gain points daily from this facility and will not be able to until you are subbed.

Check the Subscriptions and Store section for information on subscribing and various other store items available.

New Players Server

There is a fifth tab of servers that has quests specifically for new and returning players wanting to catch up to G Rank and get ready for proper G Rank content, these give massive rewards for very little effort when compared to the normal quests. Access to these servers is indicated by this icon: and is time limited, expiration is listed on your Guild Card.

It is worth getting as much out of these servers are you can, they only give materials for things that are not terribly hard to get otherwise and nothing beyond early G level equipment. The GRP quests are especially worth grinding so you don't find yourself locked out of doing GR100 or higher content when you might want something requiring that rank for your first proper set.

Quests and Dailies

The main quests are taken from the Guild Master upon starting the game and then later from the Guild Girl who is wearing a black outfit. There are various quest types available, but without a subscription the only types of quests available are those with cyan coloured names. See the Quests section on the sidebar for more detailed on the various quest types available.

After Quests you will get stamps, upon completing a card you will get 1x 4,000 HRP ticket and upon a second 3x 4,000 HRP tickets. This will repeat in that pattern forever.
These tickets can be claimed from the Guild Girl in the Blacksmith by selecting her last option.
Taking them on a quest will give you 4,000 HRP upon its completion (gathering etc. excluded). These are mostly only useful for boosting your partner at this point in frontier.

If you ever find yourself struggling you should utilise the tools the game gives you such as Halk Pots (元氣之源) which give a flat reduction of 70% damage taken and make it so you can facetank pretty much anything except the hardest content. You are limited to five uses of these a day, so you should only use them as a crutch if you actually need to.
You get one of these daily from the Halk Area covered in the House and AI section.

Daily Things

There are a number of things that you may be wanting to do somewhat frequently:

Daily: Claim NP from the pink store guildie (last option) and do a daily quest after claiming it alongside the NP. Resets at 12:00 TW time (AM).
The option that gives you NP will give you the Daily Quest. You need a sub to get full NP and to do Daily Quests.
Daily: Take Halk Pot from Halk / Partnyaa Area
Daily: Talk to Guild Cat and get daily gift (fourth item up from bottom)
After Quests: Use Gook Farm if desired.
Daily (HR3): Get points off Pugi Farm Girl / Give her gifts / Talk to her.
After Quest (HR3, Pugi on quest): Check dirt pile on Pugi Farm for extra items.
Daily (HR5): Check the sign near the Blacksmith for what monsters give boosted numbers of SR weapon tickets etc.
Daily: Check the Purple Guildie at the Town Entrance for any Event rewards she may be giving out.
There are not always items being given out, it is worth checking occasionally regardless.

AI Companions
Similar to the portable titles there are AI Companions that can fill the role of other hunters in a quest. There are currently four different types of companions you have control over, these are your Halk, Partnyaa, Rasta and Partner.
For more details on getting these check out the House and AI Companions section.
Daily Bonus & Quest Stamps
After completing a Quest Stamp Card or after you get your Daily Bonus for logging the first time each day (after midnight TW time) you will receive 4k HRP tickets and a bonus item respectively, these items are sent to the Warehouse NPC in the Blacksmith or, in the case of the VIP from the Daily Bonus and potentially other rewards, the main website's Giftbox.

Log In Boost

The Log In Boost is a set of five different boosts that are all on individual timers. You will gain the first weekly, the second every two weeks and so on.

These boost are all completely separate, taking the weekly one will not reset the timer on the fortnightly or higher ones meaning there is little to no reason to not use them as you get them.

These boost are all completely separate, taking the weekly one will not reset the timer on the fortnightly or higher ones meaning there is little to no reason to not use the lower tier ones as you obtain them.

Hunter Navigation Tasks

Hunter Navigation tasks function in the same way as most modern achievement systems do, they provide a set of items in exchange for the completion of a specific task. Most of these tasks are relatively simple and all of them are worth doing.

The Hunter Navigation tasks window can be brought up in town by hitting either Shift + C on keyboard or R1 + R2 on a controller, the challenges are broken down into sections that are ordered based on progression.

HR1 to HR4

The first four hunter ranks are very easy, the content is mostly scaled to be easily soloable and is just generally not too difficult when compared to the Equipment you start out with.

HR1-2 is technically Low Rank while HR3-4 is technically High Rank. Regardless of these monikers the ranks are very easy overall and there's not much reason to do anything beyond Keys and Urgents to advance to HR5 as soon as possible.

HR1 is obviously not unlocked but is all that is needed for joining Guilds or getting a Partnyaa.

HR2 unlocks the Rasta and Partner AI Companions and allows you to claim a Caravan Gem which should be done as soon as possible.

HR3 enables Transcend and allows you to start levelling it up.

HR4 allows you to start working on a Pugi which functions as frontier's equivalent to talismans.

Check the House and AI Companions, Transcend and Caravan sections for detailed info on how these all work.

Despite the recommendation to push to HR5, if you want to pad out the free content you can easily stretch this content for weeks by disabling the NPC companions and using only equipment you craft from scratch.

HR5 to HR7

HR5 is where the game functionally starts and can be seen as a similar step up to that of reaching High Rank in the Mainline titles. All Frontier exclusives added in recent years are HR5 or higher meaning there is a lot of variety if you want to linger here before progression to G Rank.

There are functionally three standard types of monsters at HR5 these are Goushu (剛種) and Henshu or Kishu (變種, 奇種). There is not much functional difference between these in terms of actually fighting them but most Goushu monsters will have equipment that upgrades to G Rank relevance while most Henshu or Kishu do not.

HR5 also gives access to Exotic Monsters, these are monsters imported from the newer generations of mainline titles and are some of the more difficult monsters at the rank. These monsters are unique in that they give Exotic Weapons and Armours. Exotic Weapons outright give Speed Eating when used while Exotic Armours will instantly give a skill if you have a single piece equipped. For example equipping a single piece Nargacuga armour (e.g. just the chest) grants Evasion +2 without taking up any skill slots or needing skill points.

HR5 also unlocks Style Rank and allows you to get new Styles for your weapon as well as to fight Hardcore versions of monsters, the vast majority of these are substantial changes beyond what you'd normally see in even Sub or Rare species of monsters and are definitely worth experiencing.

After hitting HR5 you can simply approach the Guild Master to begin your Style Ranks. You will automatically interact with her after talking to her which will grant you SR and automatically enable it.

If you talk to her a few more times you will eventually get a menu, from this you should choose 試煉選單 followed by 試煉的承接·確認 and then the option that contains your weapon's name. If you choose the wrong weapon you can simply select the cancel urgent option to take the correct one afterwards.

Hover for Chinese
  • Urgents
  • Take Urgent
  • Cancel Urgent
  • Manual
  • 試煉選單
  • 試煉的承接·確認
  • 試煉的取消
  • 聽取說明

The Urgent quests are simply hunting a certain type of Harcore Monster a number of times, the type and quantity are completely random and are rolled for when you first log in. This means if you get one you consider overly hard or tedious you can simply restart the game to get a new one.

As mentioned HR5 is the point where the game actually ramps up in difficulty, monsters have higher health pools, adjusted hitboxes and hit harder. Your free weapons are also functionally the baseline and are simply some of the least powerful HR5 weapons. Difficulty wise you should expect both Keys and Urgents from this point forward to be much closer to Online Quests in a typical Monster Hunter title.

You get a free set of armour and a bunch of materials at this point (from the Guildie at the Town Entrance). The armour is a full set of the Coordination FY armour (協力FY). This gives Earplugs and Wind Pressure which can greatly ease the struggle with future content. The materials are those used to craft Zerureusu weapons. These will likely be equal or better than whatever you already have and should be utilised for ease of progression.

If you find yourself struggling with this tier you should utilise the tools the game gives you such as Halk Pots (元氣之源) which give a flat reduction of 70% damage taken and make it so you can facetank pretty much anything except the hardest content. You are limited to five uses of these a day, so you should only use them as a crutch if you actually need to.
You get one of these daily from the Halk Area covered in the House and AI section.

元氣之源 (Halk Pot)

After hitting HR6 you will gain access to 6★ quests, these are notably more difficult than any of the previous content and were at one time the absolute endgame. There is no Urgent after completing the 6★ key quests and instead you will be immediately promoted to HR7. This gives you access to new SR Skills and most players should immediately swap their main weapon to use Affinity +20% rather than any other SR skill.

The G Rank urgent is posted by talking to the G Rank guildie who is the girl with the umbrella. The quest is a Shantien repel. You will want to gather some ballista shots from the box on the deck of the airship in order to shoot using the ballista binders later in the fight. The fight is ultimately pretty straight forward and will have three distinct phases.

HR6 is what was previously SR300 and unlocks Supremacy monsters. These are very hard monsters that are required to upgrade Goushu equipment to higher ranks including G Rank. These are intended to be incredibly hard and even with endgame G Rank equipment they can one shot you.

HR7 is automatically progressed to after you clear your HR6 Key Quests and simply unlocks the option to take the G Rank Urgent on the G Rank NPC (Umbrella Girl).

G Rank

After repelling Shantien simply talk to the Guild Master and she will progress you to G Rank and allow you to choose which weapon you want to start GSR in. For ease it's sensible to immediately talk to her again and access the G級祕傳書選單 option to start all GSRs. There is literally no reason to hold off doing this and it's best to sort it quickly so you don't forget to and end up losing out on GSRP.

G Rank is pretty free form compared to Hunter Rank, everything except G Rank exotics are immediately available. Check the G Rank section for further details.

One key point to keep in mind for G Rank is that the ★ rating of a quest actively reduces defense, the table below details these reductions.

Zenith Stat Comparison
★1 Quests Full Defense
★2 Quests -150 Defense
★3 Quests -300 Defense
★4 Quests -450 Defense
★5 Quests -600 Defense
★6 Quests -750 Defense
★7 Quests -900 Defense
★8 and Zenith Quests -1050 Defense

At G Rank all weapons are individually ranked up for GSR, ranking each one up adds a number of special skills and buffs including always active +100 extra Attack for the weapon type. For Switch Axes and Tonfa you will be able to start GSR as soon as you have crafted a single one of the weapon type. All weapons get Extreme Style at GSR1 after you have made a single one of the weapon. Free tonfas or swaxes delivered directly to box do not count for this requirement.

Items and Materials

English Guild and Guild Hall Facilities

Equipment and Items Box

Using the Box

The Equipment and Item box is the heart of customisation and item management. It is where you change weapons, armour, pugi cuffs, presets and most other things except which gems are slotted into your gear.

You can access the main equipment box from the Blacksmith, your House, the Caravan's equipment tent or from the Guild Hall's changing room (if available). The smaller boxes allow you to do all item management but do not allow for the changing of Armour etc.

Main Menu, Equip Menu, Pugi Cuffs Menu

Sorting / Selling, Item Presets, Combination

Equipping Gear

Equipping gear is quite simple, simply navigate into the equip menu from the top menu of the box and then choose Equip.

This option will take you to a prompt where you choose which of your sets you are changing:

And after confirming which, you will be taken to your equipment box where you can see what armours and weapons you have and choose from them.

A Quest Set is what you take on quests with you.
A Town Set is what you wear around town, if it's enabled.
A Rasta Set is what the Rasta you contract to other players has equipped.

Increasing Box Capacity

There are two ways to increase the size of your box. Buying certain items from the store and simply increasing your Ranks.

Box Capacity Increase
Purchase Items:
重建高手·匠之技 (HR2)
重建高手·錢之技 (HR3)
+1 Page Each
+4 Pages Total
Increase Hunter Rank:
1 through 7
Variable Pages Each
+20 Pages Total
Reach G Rank:
1 / 500
+3 Page Each
+6 Pages Total
Obtain Caravan Rank Points:

689648 / 1153328 / 1799792 / 2492432
3185072 / 4180752 / 5176432 / 6257456
8028848 / 9926768

+1 Page Each
+10 Pages Total
Maximum Item Box Capacity 41 Pages

Equipment box will increase alongside the item box to a maximum of 20 pages. The equipment box does not get additional pages for Caravan Rank nor any for G Rank.

Item Presets

Item Presets are pretty simply, simply set up your character's active inventory to be exactly what you want to register a preset as and use the register preset option in the menus, choosing a preset from 1 to 4 to set it to.

You may have up to four presets registered which you can trigger by pressing L1/L2/R1/R2 or F/Ctrl/C/Shift on Keyboard

Sorting Equipment Box

It is highly recommended to manually sort your equipment box.

Keeping your inventory sorted properly will help immensely if you do not have any knowledge of Chinese as it will guarantee your armour sets are sorted to be equipped easily. It's especially important when you get to G Rank as at that point you start to convert armour pieces into gems. If you are auto-sorting it may become incredibly difficult to keep track of what equipment you are actively wanting to convert into gems and what you want to keep.

Sorting is obviously all down to personal preference and as such this site will not tell you how to do it, the following are some images of how I personally sort things.

Armours to Keep on Pages 11-18 and armours to scrap for gems on page 19-20

Weapons on Pages 1-11 with two types per page.

Gear Presets

Gear Presets are relatively straight forward to set up, simply equip whatever it is you want to have saved as a preset and choose the Register Preset option:

You will be presented with a list of all presets you have, if any, and upon selecting one as a preset slot you will be prompted to optionally enter a name for the preset.

Equipping a saved preset is as simple as choosing the Equip Preset option and choosing your saved set, it will present you with a list of the gear you will equip, any decorations or sigils in the pieces and a list of skills that will be activated.

Keep in mind this does not save Pugi Cuffs. It is wise to have it so set names contain a note about what Cuff to equip.
(If G10 is out and I forgot to update this; Pugi Cuffs are now saved alongside equipment and decorations.).

Caravan Gem Skills

Caravan Gem Skills are unlocked after you hit HR2 and visit the caravan area to retrieve your Caravan Gem. This is indicated by a coloured orb next to your name. These Gems can grant up to three different skills to you without taking up any skill slots. These are separate from typical armour skills and grant things such as a flat 5% to the True Raw on your weapon, multipliers on KO damage dealt and the ability to stop flinching when you see a large monsters.

Detailed information Caravan and the way to unlock these skills can be found in the Non-Festival Caravan section.




Standard Decorations

The most basic type of decoration in frontier. Standard decorations are simply crafted at the Blacksmith by using normal materials and typically give around 5 points total and potentially have negative points in certain skills for example the standard Artisan Deco (匠珠) has +2 Artisan, +2 Auto-Reload and -1 in Adrenaline.)

Many of these have multiple recipes, the above mentioned Artisan Deco (匠珠) can be made with either 1x Rajang Fur and 3x Monoblos Horns or with 2x Lunstra Horns and 3x White Monoblos Horns.

Generally speaking you will never need these beyond HR7 and they have very limited use.

G Decorations

G Decorations are basically more powerful Standard Decorations. These are either made by improving existing decorations or by gathering special materials specifically so they can be crafted.

Decoration Comparison


Expert Deco

Expert+4, Attack +1


Bloodrun Jewel x1, Garuga Beak x1, Diablos Horn x2


Expert G Deco

Expert +5, Status +3, Quake Res +3, Attack -5

仙人珠x3, 魚龍種的濃血x15, 甲殼種的堅殼x15, 飛龍種的堅殼x15

Expert Deco x3, Piscine Blood+ x15, Carapaceon Carapace x15, F. Wyvern Carapace x15


Dodging Sword G Deco

Evasion +5, Fencing +5, Sharpening +5

花葉原珠 x15,凍王龍的冰鱗 x5,凍王龍的甲殼 x5

Dodging Sword Specific Jewel x15, Toa Ice Scale x5, Toa Shell x5

Generally if a G Deco has a specific jewel item tied to it that item purely exists to enable creation of the jewel. For example the Dodging Sword G Deco above will instantly appear for crafting after you get the 15 jewels required and these serve no other purpose in the game other than to enable this decoration to be made.

The Specific Jewels will always have a dedicated quest for them, the above material is specifically from an HR5 Kushala Daora quest which will typically give between 2 and 8 of the material needed to craft the G Deco.

G Rank Decorations
Standard G Rank Decos

The vast majority of G Rank decorations can be directly crafted with only a handful of materials. Generally these are a couple of the lower percentage standard carves and a GHC carve. These are almost always available from sources such as the Road, Festival or GCP stores.

There are a handful of decorations that need you to craft and upgrade armour such as White Fatalis, Keoaruboru or Hiden decorations but these are a strict minority with even event decorations being crafted with only their base materials at this point.

G and GF decorations remain as only craftable from armour pieces but are unlikely to ever be used in a modern G Rank set.

The decoration crafting menu has a number of sections to make finding specific decorations less overwhelming:

直接生產精鍊珠 / Direct Crafting
顯示全部 / Show All
顯示全部 / Show All
魔物 / Monsters
獵人祭 / Hunter Festival
內容 / Regular Event
活動 / Event
其他 / Other

The older way to get G rank gems is by refining Level 7 G Rank armours into them. Each piece will only yield a single gem and will be destroyed in the process. It is important to remember that you will only very rarely have to do this and that most can be produced in the menus above.

Level 7 G Armour pieces can be refined into a single G decoration.
Level 7 GF Armour pieces can be refined into a single GF decoration.
Level 7 GX Armour pieces refine into one of GX1 through GX5 depending on which piece is being converted.

Headpieces are GX1, Torso are GX2, Arms are GX3, Waists are GX4 and Legs are GX5. This matches the order of the actual blacksmith.

There are a handful of armours that have multiple G or GF gems, these use the same numbering structure so for example if you want a GF3 decoration you will need to convert Level 7 GF Arms of the appropriate armour.

The skills granted by the gems are roughly based around those given by the piece being converted, for example the following is the Inagami GX1 Decoration:

The Ingami GX Blademaster Helmet itself gives:
Stylish +4, Issen +3, Expert +7, Three Worlds +4 and Adaptation +3

For a specific example of all possible gems from a monster, the following are all Gems that you can make from G Rank Silver Rathalos Armour:

G Rank Silver Rathalos Gems
Gem Total Upgrades
Piece Required
Skills Granted
G 7 levels
Any Piece
Edgemaster +2, Exploit Weakness +1, Expert +2
GF 14 levels
Any Piece
Edgemaster +2, Exploit Weakness +2, Expert +3
Vitality +2
GX1 21 levels
Helmet Only
Edgemaster +2, Exploit Weakness +2, Expert +3
Vitality +2
GX2 21 levels
Torso Only
Edgemaster +2, Exploit Weakness +2, Expert +3
Evade Distance +2
GX3 21 levels
Arms Only
Edgemaster +2, Exploit Weakness +2, Expert +3
Rage +2
GX4 21 levels
Waist Only
Edgemaster +2, Exploit Weakness +2, Expert +3
Movement Speed +2
GX5 21 levels
Legs Only
Edgemaster +2, Exploit Weakness +2, Expert +3
Issen +2

Most armours will follow a very similar pattern with GF being a flat out upgrade over G and GX having the same points as GF but with a couple points in an extra skill.

Some gems vary from the norm such as G Black Fatalis' on which the last two skills change per GX gem and Gougarfs who have a GF1 gem for helmets and a GF2 gem for all other pieces at GF level.

G Class Decos

There are a number of G Rank level decorations that can be made immediately from monster materials that are not actually directly connected to the monster. You can get most of these from the 7★ Elder Dragons or 8★ GR100 exotics.

There are two Hypnocs under 1★ that give materials for two types of these decos, they are easier to get than Gurenzeburu decorations and are excellent for slotting into a Rasta when they stop being useful.

New monster releases from Amatsu onwards give materials for new versions of these that are beyond the level of standard GX decorations.

G Class Decoration Examples


Issen +2

Three Worlds Protection +2

Rage +2


Hypnoc Quest Jewel x15, GR1 Break Jewel x1, Everlasting Ice Cubes x1


Strong Attack +2

Three Worlds Protection +2

Rage +2


Hypnoc Quest Jewel x15, GR1 Break Jewel x1, Everlasting Ice Cubes x1


Three Worlds Protection +2

Issen +2

Exploit Weakness +2


Teostra Dragon Scale x5, Teostra Heavy Shell x5, GR1 Break Jewel x1


Issen +2

Three Worlds Protection +2

Vigorous +2


Stygian Zinogre Cortex x5, Stygian Zinogre Hardclaw x5, GR1 Break Jewel x1

The majority of these decorations are intended to be low effort G Rank level decorations. Their primary use is in a Rasta from the skill sets available on them.

Transcend System

Quests and Events

Lunchboxes (Party Buffs)

Lunchboxes (or Bentos) are buff providing meals that you set to go alongside your quest when you post it, there are a number of foods you can buy with many combinations.

You can pack a Bento at the appropiate NPC, this is the dedicated food store in town or the caravan area and the Guild Store Cat in the Guild Hall.

After you have made any single meal it will be added to a quick list by default, you can instantly prepare any meal on this list by hitting X on a controller of Z on keyboard while posting a quest!

The meal will be remembered between quests so as long as you choose the correct food the first time you won't need to choose again unless seasons change!


Basic combinations and locations for the ingredients are below, it's recommended to always post quests with buffs at least as good as those listed whenever possible.

Standard Combinations
Warm Season
Fist Rice 拳頭米
Demon Mushrooms 鬼松茸
+50 HP / +50 Stamina
Fist Rice 拳頭米
Predator Honey 掠奪者蜂蜜
+50 HP / +25 Stamina / +5 Attack
Fist Rice 拳頭米
Round Egg 圓滾滾的蛋
+50 HP / +3 Attack / +20 Defense
Cold Season
Fist Rice 拳頭米
Frost Tomatoes 霜降番茄
+50 HP / +50 Stamina
Ancient Bean 古代豆
Gold Extract 黃金精華
+50 HP / +25 Stamina / +5 Attack
Fist Rice 拳頭米
Round Egg 圓滾滾的蛋
+50 HP / +3 Attack / +10 Defense
Breeding Season
Fist Rice 拳頭米
Power Lard 力量豬油
+50 HP / +25 Stamina
Pepper Bug 紙蟲
Predator Honey 掠奪者蜂蜜
+50 HP / +25 Stamina / +5 Attack
Fist Rice 拳頭米
Gold Extract 黃金精華
+50 HP / +5 Attack
Adrenaline Combinations
Warm Season Fist Rice 拳頭米
Pugi Cracker 豬仙貝
-50 HP / +25 Stamina / Small Attack (+3)
Cold Season
Breeding Season Fist Rice 拳頭米
Hot Oil 辣油
-50 HP / +25 Stamina
Food Types and Locations
Guild Cat Store Spirit Mushrooms, 980z (鬼松茸)
Frost Tomatoes, 450z (霜降蕃茄)
Pugi Crackers, 10z (豬仙貝)
Lunchbox NPC Hot Oil, 50z (辣油)
Power Lard, 200zz (力量豬油)
Fist Rice, 275z (拳頭米)
Pepper Bug, 265z (紙蟲)
Round Egg, 400z (圓滾滾的蛋)
Town General Store Ancient Bean, 440z (古代豆)
Gold Extract, 640z (黃金精華)
Pugi Farm General Store Lv3 Predator Honey, 1940z (掠奪者蜂蜜)
Also available rarely on Food NPC.
SR Food

As the name implies, SR Food is food that becomes available at Style Rank (HR6) these foods are notable in that they will provide incredibly high effects compared to other food types. For example there are combinations that grant -60 Health, +50 Stamina, Attack Up Large and Defense Up Medium, this puts party members immediately within adrenaline range for hunts on which it will be used, likewise there are combinations for normal non-adren quests with +50 health etc.

You cannot buy SR Food at the normal food stores, they are given as rewards for some special quests, as rewards for completing Hunter Navigation tasks and they can be obtained by spending either GCP (See Rastas in House and AI Companions) or Hunter Festival Points (See Festivals and Events).

SR Food Types
HC Quest Broken Parts Millenium Rice (千年米) (Also available for 6000CP)
Great Puffer (高級河豚)
Dragon Filet (龍菲力肉)
Silver Liver (銀色肝臟)
GCP or Festival Points Millenium Rice (七色生菜)
Queen Parsley (女王香芹)
Bitter Cheese (苦瓜起司)
Dancing Spice (跳舞香辛料)
Server Type

The server you are playing on dictates what quests will be available to you, there are currently five different types of server which all have their own tab:

You can change server by simply going to the town entrance and selecting the second option, you should do this if you find yourself unable to take quests of the types you want.

Quest Givers
Guild Master

The Guild Master gives out has Gook Quests, manages Style Rank and gives Medals for killing large numbers of monster species that can be traded in at the Combination NPC for charms.

Story and Item Trading Guildie

The Story and Item Trading Guildie gives the lowest rank players quests after they do the very first parts of the initial tutorial. She gives out any story based event quests that may be ongoing and she can also trade items. Trading items with her is the only to get some materials.

Main Quests Guildie

The Standard Quests Guild Girl gives players all types of normal Quests right until G Rank.

Quest Types

It's possible to trigger completely different menus for quests, if you get menus that look nothing like those below you probably need to swap to a different server, this can be done at the Town Entrance. The first tab are the Beginners' Servers, the Second Tab are Standard Servers and the Final Tab is functionally Cheat Quests.

Not all Types of quests are always available. You will unlock the ability to see some of the quest types as you hit the rankings required to actually sign them.

There are also limits on the type of quests you can take on certain servers. The first tab servers only allow you to do quests requiring HR1-4, another tab is required to take HR5 or G Rank quests.

Main Quest Menu
Hunter Quests Sub-Menus

Urgent quests will only appear as needed and will be indicated by a rather obvious red exclamation mark above the NPC's head. There is no HR6 urgent and after doing the two keys you can simply talk to the G Rank NPC to get your Shantien urgent.

Other Quests Sub-Menus

The Other Quests section contains most quests that give rewards that are unique enough to warrant being separated but not necessarily 'special'.

Notes Quests give items such as Neo Notes that are used on things such as Tower or FX armour pieces.

Special Material Quests are quests that give things for any event stuff that has been made full time. The G8 quests are incredibly easy weapons to upgrade and are good at G rank.

G Deco Quests give the strongest non G Rank decorations in the game. They often have a total of 15 points across 3 skills on them.

Pugi Cuff Quests are for materials to make non-G rank standard pugi cuffs. These are the equivalent to Talismans in mainline, check the House section for info.

Long Term Quests are exactly what they say, quests designed to be carried out over a long period of time such as mass gathering.

Hunting Skill Quests rank everyone who participates with a score and declares a winner at the end.

Scheduled Quests

The Scheduled Quests section contains all quests that are on some kind of altering schedule or are otherwise very notable and deserving of their own section.

Active Events are those related to Events being ran on the server.

Exotic Quests are quests against Mainline imports such as Zinogre or Deviljho.

Daily Quests are quests you can take Daily after talking to the Pink Guild Girl and choosing the last option to claim NP.

New monsters with Gou variants will appear in Active if they have event quests along with HR5. Exotic monsters always appear in the exotic section.

Special Quests

Ranking Rewards gives special earring materials after hitting HR milestones.

Pawprint and Annual are quests to get materials to upgrade anything requiring Pawpring Coins and to get rewards for cashing in 48 weeks worth of EX and HL stamps.

Hiden Stone Deliveries are exactly what they say, each stone delivered gives 1 piece worth of weapon souls. Be careful when choosing as it is not weapon limited.

Superior Ticket Quests require you to use Superior Tickets obtained by gambling with real money on the lottery, being bought directly or from events.

Premium Quests are simply premium course locked quests with higher than usual rewards. These are pretty garbage and premium should not be used to access them.

Gathering Quests are map deliveries on all the non-G maps.

Ranking Points

Finishing quests will reward you with a bunch of different points depending on the NPCs you have with you on the quest:

Ranking Point Basics
Partner Rank PointsBased upon the GRP or HRP values assigned to a quest. Increases your partner's PR, maximum of PR999.
Partner Weapon Rank PointsBased upon the GRP or HRP values assigned to a quest. Increases your Partner's Weapon Rank, maximum of 999
Partnyaa Rank PointsBased upon the GRP or HRP values assigned to a quest. Increases your Partnyaa's Rank, maximum of 999
Guild Contribution PointsSpendable points gained at a rate of 1 per minute in a quest while you have someone's rasta contracted
G Rank PointsBased upon the GRP value assigned to a quest. Increases your GR rating, maximum of GR899
G Style Rank pointsBased upon the GRP value assigned to a quest. Increases your GSR rating, maximum of GSR999 per weapon

You can increase point gain by going on GHC hunts, using certain Sigil Skills, listening to the Diva Song, using the Log In Boost or by using Premium.

Going on normal non-G HC quests with a Rare-12 weapon after hitting G rank should multiply all NPC ranking point gains.

Quest Card

The quest card is presented whenever you hover over a quest in the quest list, this has 8 pages all of which show useful information. The most common immediately useful pages are 1 for core details, 2 for money rewards, 3 for material rewards, 5 for Season and Time and 8 for Location.

Quest Areas and Objectives
Quest Areas
Areas for quests are as follows:

Jungle (密林) Desert (沙漠) Swamp (沼澤)
Snowy Mountains (雪山) Volcano (火山) Tower ()
Forest and Hills (森丘) Great Forest (樹海) Arena (鬥技場)
Canyon (峡谷) Highlands (高地) Tidal Island (潮島)
Flower Field (花田) Polar Sea (極海) Battlefield (決戰場)
Large Arena (大鬥技場) Base (迎擊據點) Fortress (要塞)
White Lake (白湖) Top of Great Forest (樹海頂端) Cloud Viewing Fortress (雲見砦)
There is an associated image with each quest location, these can be viewed here
Quest Objectives

The following are the various quest components for goals in quests:

Deliver (繳納) Hunt (狩獵) Kill (討伐) Capture (捕獲)
Repel (擊退) Break (破壞) Cut (切斷) Fish (釣起)

The cut and break objectives can be for a large variety of parts such as the following:

Wing (翅膀) Head (頭部 / 頭冠) Tail (尾巴) Beak (鳥喙 / 喙) Horn ()
Shell (蟹殼) Chest (胸部) Pincers () Tentacles (觸手) Ears (耳朵)
Claws () Fin () Head and Body (頭與身軀)) Back (背部)

Like some of the mainline game Frontier often has sub-objectives in quests. These are give their own reward pools of up to 4 slots in either Blue or Green slots on the first page of rewards.

Completing a sub-objective will play a jingle and display it as completed on your quest status page. Completing sub-objectives allows you to instantly end a quest at the Basecamp's bed by choosing the second option. This is incredibly important at G Rank where not all maps have gathering quests but gathering may be required, killing a handful of minions is much preferable to dealing with a large monster or delivering eggs.

Searching for Quests

Accessing the green option on a quest giving NPC will give you access to the search function. You can search by entering text in the main text search or the rewards string search or simply by utilising preset options.

Pasting Chinese for the Text or Reward searches may not work depending on your locale settings, try pasting from a notepad window, a browser such as Firefox or Edge, or using the Character Map program that ships with windows.

A full list of the monsters and search parameters for both HR/SR and GR can be found here

Advertising Quests

Quest advertising is a relatively straight forward affair, the typical format you will see used is '@here / Quest Type / Monster Name / other info / @re'.
Assuming you can copy paste into the game it's pretty much a case of copy pasting the right information into the chat field.

General Terms:
@here - Automatically makes a link to where you are on the game servers
@re - Automatically adds the total number of slots left for the quest
有便當 / 有飯 / 飯 - Have Food Buff, useful if paired with numbers for adren etc. (e.g. -50 HP, -60 HP)
破頭 - Break Head
斷尾 - Cut Tail
求幫 - Seeking Help
來麻棍 - Bring Paralysis Tonfas (Other status and weapons may be inserted in same format, e.g. 來毒雙 for Bring Poison Duals) 秘火飯 - SR Adren Food
- Gou
遷悠 - Exotic
You can also just use HR with the numbers after it to advertise rank.

Conquest Terms:
Lv200 etc. - The level of the monster, required if advertising a Conquest because you have to be equal or below the host's level to advance your own levels.
+10/+15 - Notices for conquests for how many levels the host is going up if he doesn't cart.

@here 剛金塵龍 斷尾 有飯 @re!
Gou Garuba Daora, requesting Tail Cut, have Food Buff

@here G遷悠 雷狼龍 破頭斷尾 有便當 有飯 @re!
G Rank Zinogre, Tail Cut and Head Breaks, have Food Buff, Requesting Help

As there are no bans for english players and because the game officially covers regions that don't speak traditional chinese you can also advertise using direct translations of things or even rough descriptions if needed.
@here 剛噬血龍! @re!
@here HR5 shixuelong!
@re! @here HR5 Blood Sucking Dragon! @re!

Quest Rewards

After finishing any quest you will naturally receive rewards based upon the quest, these will always be presented in the following format:

Caravan and Raviente

All information on Caravan has been moved to the Caravan and Raviente section.

Guild Quests

Guild Quests are taken in the Guild Hall, they give Guild Tickets which can be used for various pieces of equipment that are exclusive to them.
As well as standard Guild Quests you can also add sub-quests, these can be added to an already signed quest by simply talking to the Quest Cat again after signing a Guild Quests and choosing the 3rd option. A second smaller quest icon in the normal quest icon above your character indicating a sub-quest is selected.

Diva Quests

The Diva can be found in a side area of the main town on the steps leading to the square. Her questline grants various materials to make Diva exclusive equipment which is extremely good. The first chapter has no specific requirements, the second chapter needs you to be at Style Rank and every chapter after that requires G Rank.

English objectives and rewards for the various chapters can be found in the Google Document, you may have to talk to more people than the document lists.

Check the G Rank section for information on Diva Buffs which can only be utilised after you hit G Rank.


Armour Skills

Sigil Skills

Sigil Recipes

House Facilities

Purchasing Things

Hunter Rank

Style Rank

G Rank

Starting G Rank




MHSX2G Armour Set Builder

Last Updated: 26th March 2017
MHSX2G is a tool for finding armour sets based on set criteria such as skills, number of each armour type, slots, etc.
The armour piece names are all in Japanese but the main GUI is mostly English. The version here obviously includes unreleased monsters and upcoming Event armours. Be careful to set your filters correctly to avoid equipment you can't get!

TW exclusives are named in plain english within all versions of MHSX2G published here. Example Image

MHSX2G for Z2.2

The Z2.2 version is the latest JP dats as of 20th March 2017 with English selected by default.


Sigil Hunter

Sigil Hunter is a tool that looks for Sigil Skills and outputs a text dialogue based on what it finds. This identifies all Sigils in at least a general sense, it will tell you if you have Ultra Rapid Fire but not the ammo type it uses, etc.
I updated this without noting so, press F1 at the top left of the sigil skill read out now.
This tool requires chinese locale to be set up as your system locale with proper language packs installed. If your font in game is not identical to that in the preview image, you will not be able to use this tool properly!
Example Image
This Tool requires AutoHotkey to be used.
Current Version: 20160106

English Ferias & Loxxol Script

A Tampermonkey etc. script that provides basic translations for use with Ferias and Loxxol.

• Translates hitbox quick link page on loxxol
• Allows viewing of individual LV2-49 G Rank weapon upgrades.
• Translates all loaded Armour Skills on armour pages if you hold down left click on an armour type section (e.g. G Rank).
• Translates all loaded Armour Skills on decorations and cuff pages if you click the fist icon in the top right of the page.
• Translates all loaded Weapon Flags on weapons pages if you hold down left click on a weapon type section's link (e.g. RNGou).

Example Image Example Image 2
Firefox users require and Tampermonkey or an older version of Greasemonkey to use this script.
Chrome and Other Browsersrequire Tampermonkey to use this script.
Current Version: 1.201700101

OCR Solutions

ABBY FineReader is an excellent OCR solution and can either be purchased on their website or you can search for some kind torrent for it.

Capture2Text is a completely free alternative that produces slightly worse results.

There are also a number of apps you can get on tablets or phones that will produce text based on photos such as Hanping.

Dedicated Pages

Damage Calculator
Hiden Materials Calculator
Item Name Database
Decoration Name Database
Monster Name Database

Gathering Maps

Tower / Sky Corridor

Hunter's Road


If you want to contact me leave a comment on the gdoc or find me in game at Carnivean/CL48A6.

Video Tutorials

Using Armour Skills Identifier AHK Script
Great Sword Styles and Moves

Subscribing with MyCard

Menu translation and some shops
Quest guide
Monster materials


The game won't start!?

Not actually a question, but make sure your timezone is set to Taipei and that you aren't located in Mainland China, you can only connect to the game through PSN from Mainland China. Disable any Firewalls or Anti-Virus you have running or whitelist the Frontier processes including gameguard, they can cause issues with how gameguard works and make the game refuse to start.

How grindy is the game?

Despite what people seem to believe Frontier's carve rates are practically identical to all mainline titles, there are no sub 1% rewards as found in some MMOs so the rarest thing you will ever need will be 1%. There are also items to increase quest rewards and the number of carves you can perform, as well as a Guild Pugi who can be petted to functionally always have the effects of the skill Great Luck.

Deviljho Rates Comparison
Deviljho Shard35%40%
Deviljho Blackpiel28%20%
Deviljho Ripper20%20%
Deviljho Hardfang11%15%
Deviljho Gem4%3%
Deviljho Crook2%2%

Naturally due to this being a game in which a subscription is standard equipment will generally need more materials overall than it would in mainline. This is mainly true of G Rank Armour as each level requires materials rather than just mined armour spheres.

By endgame 5% HC carves 2% GHC carves are generally expected in order to max out pieces of equipment but you should also expect to never take more than 15 minutes solo in any but the absolute hardest hunts at this point.

Why should I play this over the Japanese version?

The Japanese version costs more, has historically banned foreign players for speaking English or bypassing the IP block, requires a VPN to connect at all if you are physically outside of Japan and has a number of pieces of equipment exclusively tied to expensive physical goods that are sold as virtual only on TW.

There are also less reference materials available for the JP version because no one has saved those that were made previously or created updated versions.

How much content is missing from TW version compared to JP?

Around 9 months worth. The Taiwanese version is updating at a faster rate than Japan originally got the content meaning we are slowly catching up. MHF-Z has been confirmed formally by the TW devs as being worked on so it should be around June as initially speculated.

How difficult is the game?

The difficulty is similar to MHFU or high rank upwards in MH4U with spikes at various points and some quests being incredibly hard outright.

HR1-4 is not hugely challenging but HR5-7 is a pretty big step up.

If you prefer playing solo, or are just worried about not always having people to play, you can gain a number of AI Companions to play with. These are your own customisable hunting Partner, a Felyne Partnyaa and a Rasta which is a clone of another player using equipment that player has assigned it. These combined make the majority of content completely manageable. The Rastas and Partners are far more competant than any of the mainline AI partners are.

Members of the English guild advertised on this site will also likely be willing to help you. However, helping and carrying are not the same thing and people will likely be unwilling to do the latter.

Is the game Pay to Win? Are there Microtransactions?

If you are aiming for min-maxing perfection, yes. Both JP and TW have meta strictly favouring ZP pieces over natural gear and the game has all but discontinued the release of new decorations further increasing the need to use premium pieces for optimal min-maxing.

How high is the language barrier?

The game doesn't require any fluency in Chinese to be played and reference materials for practically everything you will ever need are all provided on this site.

The game being Chinese is no harder than playing in Japanese as both games use Kanji for their skill and material names, which is generally the biggest source of problems in terms of the language barrier. This means that you also only need to learn monster names once rather than twice, as quests will use Kana in Japanese and Kanji on item names while Chinese only uses Kanji. (e.g. Espinas is both エスピナス and 棘竜 on JP while TW will only use 棘龍)

As reference, the creator of this site has zero chinese proficiency.

What do the Error Codes mean?

Error Code 12XX: Ping and packet loss issues. The connection of one of the party members is poor and is stopping the quest from starting, if you're responsible you can stop downloads, any heavy use on your connection, restart your router etc. basically the standard steps to fix bad internet.

Error Code 18XX: Firewall/connectivity issues. Disable your firewall if it's on as well as anything like anti-virus etc. that might be blocking connectivity. If you only get these with certain people it's likely they might have out of country IPs blocked by their ISP. You won't be able to play with these people without a VPN to their country.

Error Code 19XX, possibly others: Your locale setup cannot handle characters in a joining or hosting player's username. You need to set up actual Chinese System Locale to join them or see their chat.

The game opened on the wrong monitor or is very low resolution?

Press alt+enter, move the game to your preferred monitor and press alt+enter again, this will window the game and then maximise it again on the proper monitor. Simply press it twice in a row to fix the game being in the incorrect resolution.

My game is frozen and I can't close it, how fix?

Open up a Command Prompt window as administrator and type:
This should produce a list of things running with numbers next to them, look for mhf.exe and the number next to it.

After finding this number type:
taskkill /pid number /f
For example if you saw mhf.exe 15000 in your tasklist you would type taskkill /pid 15000 /f
The command forcefully closes the process with the id of the number you entered, this is required due to gameguard actively hiding the process from task manager

An OCR solution to copy text from the game is highly recommended and will greatly ease finding materials and working out any phrases you need to. More info on OCR can be found in the Tools section on the sidebar.

Even without an OCR solution or using an external reference, materials can be worked out by simply remembering the characters used for items. A majority of materials follow a very distinct pattern with most monster materials simply being 'Monster Name of Part Name' (e.g. 黑龍 (Fatalis) 的 ('s) 紅角 (Red Horn) or Fatalis Horn.)