MHF Server Comparison

Both versions of the game are dying in december. TW is Free to Play now while JP is still charging subs (but gives 7 days HL and EX monthly for free).
Everything else on this page remains accurate but TW does not actually let you pay for anything at all at this point.

This is intended to be as objective as possible. Things that are extremely desirable or literally compulsory are marked appropriately.

Item Taiwan Japan Description

Taiwanese Version:

30 days free subscription for new players.

50-75% cheaper for subscriptions and premium.

Does not require a VPN. No bans for foreign languages.

Allows direct payments at actual exchange rate.

Using MyCard is normally at the Exchange Rate and sometimes cheaper.

Lower native population.

Extra premium equipment (Incl. Determination without Ravi grind).

Historically gets content later, but faster than JP historically and catching up.

Currently has a content drought with no ZZ update announced.

Losing both the native and English population due to content drought.

Costs more for Box Pages ($1~ More).

Japanese Version:

Always several months ahead of Taiwanese server. Always gets content first.

Cheaper Box Pages ($1~ less).

Has the new 'Magnet Spike' weapon type

Higher native population.

Webmoney costs around 120% of the exchange rate (145% on PlayAsia).

More expensive for everything except lottery coins and box pages.

Requires a Japanese VPN active while playing.

Premium Equipment often time gated with expensive merchandise.

A tiny risk of being banned for VPN or foreign language use.


TW is cheaper for almost everything and doesn't need a VPN; but it's behind.

JP is ahead, but it's on average two to four times as expensive.

Both versions massively favour premium equipment.

TW has some extra premium gear and enables N Point gear for foreigners.

Both versions are undergoing a content drought, but TW's is longer and suffers more for it.

Assume all JP prices are actually 120% of what is listed because of WebMoney.
Version Z2.3 ZZ.1

TW is functionally in limbo as it stands with no real hints on how or if updates will proceed in the future.

Platforms PC, PSN PC, PSN PC and PSN share a server but PSN accounts can't log in on the PC client directly.
VPN Needed? No Yes The Japanese server blocks international IPs and requires a VPN active at all times to play.
Core Subscriptions
Hunter Life
See Below $12.60 / 30 Days

Needs to be active for any content above HR4.

The basic course required to do any content above HR4, completely compulsary to play the game.

On JP the first 30 days are $4.60 (doesn't include EX) and bulk purchases are 15% cheaper and around $11 a month.

You need this to do the content even if you are above the rank requirement for a quest.

This course is required to properly play the game.

EX Course
See Below $5.40 / 30 Days

Without this you will need to enter the blacksmith or your house after every single quest for items.

EX Course enables convenience features such as town boxes and extra items in the store (Honey, Catalysts, etc.). This is pretty much compulsary for sanity or for working on your Hunter (Caravan) Gem.

This is an insane quality of life boost but is not compulsory to play the game.

EX and HL
$9.90 / 30 Days $18.00 / 30 Days

The only subscription on the Taiwanese server.

TW only has a single subscription type that gives both HL and EX for 30 days.

Month to month this always costs less than simply HL on the JP servers and notably less than both HL and EX on them.

The first month is half price ($4.90) and there are rare offers for 50% off or 20% off on the sub in general.

Premium Courses
Since March 2018 premium is rotating event based on TW and not always available, but remains much cheaper while available.
Premium See Below $9 / 3 days

A course for fast rank and point earning and getting G1%s.

All types of Ranking Points Multiplied. Halks can only drop skill books. Extra fixed slot rewards. Diva and Caravan points multiplied (GCP). Doubled gems for Ravientes. If you carve the most common carve, it can be rerolled automatically.
Assist See Below $9 / 3 days

A course with strong AI partners that gets you more carves and materials.

Always active Great Luck effect. Access to a Legendary Rasta (still farcasts). 4 extra Legendary Pugi carves. Partner always gets 4 carve slots. 4x GCP. 4x Hunter (Caravan) Gem colours.
Hiden See Below $9 / 3 days

A course to ease a large scale grind.

Grants additional souls, ribbons and merits required for Hiden Armours. Also gives increased GRP and GSRP.

Around 1600 quests are needed for 5 Hiden decorations without this course and 775 with it. Can be paired with Hiden Boost weeks to get even more returns. True Hiden decorations need 20 normal Hiden decorations.
With HL Hiden this course is mostly redundant.

Hunter Aid
Not always available

$3.30 / 1 day

$16.50 / 7 days ($2.30 a day)

$28 / 3 days

($9.30 a day)

A deluxe course to get all the above effects and further ease grind.

Always active Halk Pot effect. +1 carves on all carvable parts. HC material rates doubled (HC 5% > 10%, GHC 2% > 4%). 1.25 damage multiplier for yourself and any Legendary Rastas. Legendary Rasta will not farcast. Diva Song is free and always max level.

On TW the single day also includes HL and EX.

The only proper way to get N Points on the Japanese PC version is to physically go to NetCafes in Japan itself.
Equipment will typically be in the range of 80,000 NP to be maxed.
N Course (JP only) - $18 / 16 hours

The N Course gives you the benefits you would gain by being in a Japanese NetCafe, if you are not in Japan there is no way for a PC player to obtain these benefits.

This is only available by playing on a version other than PC in Japan. You are given a fixed 240 N Points from this course.

N Boost (JP only) - $9 / 16 hours

Intended to be used while in a NetCafe.

Provides facilities that are usually longer term grinds such as enabling all Caravan Gem skills. Also enables multiple Legendary Rastas and gives a flat 25,000 GRP while taking any G Rank quests while on the course. Also provides the Soul Rebirth skill without needing to have 11 GSR999 weapons once per quest (instant full health recovery from any HP amount if you reach 0 HP from a hit.).

You gain 2 N Points every 5 minutes, this means you get 240 N Points at most from this course if you spend every possible minute in game. If you miss any of the time for this sub you will naturally lose potential N Points at the same rate you would gain them.

Grace Course
TW Only
Not always available
$9.90 / 24 Hours -

Gives all of the benefits of being in a Japanese NetCafe and includes Hunter Aid, HL and EX.

Gives a fixed 1200 N Points. Includes an additional 3x multiplier to ranking points that stacks with every other multiplier type.

This can functionally be considered Super VIP but also provides all the benefits you would gain from actually being in a NetCafe (with more N Points than that would provide).

Also gives a set of consumable items including those that are somewhat rare (Starving Wolf Pots) for each day you have it.
There are semi-regular events that boost the N Points from this course to 3,600 NP per day.

Grace Boost Course (TW Only) $13 / 24 Hours - Gives all of the benefits of the TW Grace Course but gives a fixed 3,300 N Points total. This also gives you all of the additional bonsuses from the Japanese N Boost course including three Legendary Rastas, 25,000 fixed GRP per quest, Soul Revival etc.
There are semi-regular events that boost the N Points from this course to 5,700 NP per day with more recent ones boosting it to 8,100 NP.
Paid Equipment
Premium Kit $23 $26 A Premium Kit is functionally a set of tickets that give you access to a set of themed pieces of equipment. Kits always contain the tickets to make 2 full armour sets though most are not useful. Newer kits and upgraded old kits go all the way to ZP in the MHF-Z update and are relevant at all levels of progression.
Package Kit $23 to $80* $80 to $100+

Package Kits are slightly different on the two servers, on JP they are first bundled with Physical Goods while on TW they are simply another Premium Kit you can buy outright.

This means that on the Japanese server you will have to pay up to and potentially in excess of $100 after shipping and taxes to get the associated equipment as you will also need to buy the physical items they are bundled with (Bags, Plushies etc.) rather than just getting the Kit if you want it.

With the 10th Anniversary Update older Packages are being recycled on JP and are available again. Any new kits are still likely to be locked expensive to physical goods It is worth noting all the kits became available on JP directly only years (literally up to 8) later. The $28 price only reflects kits up to 2016, newer ones are still unavailable.

TW has sporadic 50% off sales on these kits, I cannot comment on JP in terms of sales.

* The most expensive kit on TW is the 10th Anniversary at 2,500 TWD or $80. TW has however had multiple 3000 TWD for depositing 1500 events and 25% off the kit since launch putting its functional lowest price at around $14.

Lottery Equipment It's gambling. Forcing a single piece costs around $36~38.
TW sometimes has the option to buy a piece worth of tickets for around $11.

Lottery equipment is very commonly best in slot, including for weapons. TW has additional armours and N Point gear (not all lottery oriented) including some that grants determination which is locked to Raviente on JP for whale prices if you want to risk your money.

There is a set for getting Step 6 multiple times on any lottery, you only get 10 tickets per step 6 making it extremely expensive.

Paid Determination Equipment Purely gambling. Pieces cannot be forced and will average around $190-280 a piece. As a gacha a piece is around $150-$230
Direct sales are $16.50 on special and $33 off.

Solid Determination is a skill you get from Berserk Raviente. As standard it was exclusively sourced through decorations but has since been added to Gacha pieces on both JP and TW. It is always a best in slot skill regardless of weapon.

On JP the head pieces will commonly be best in slot for determination sets and notable still need around 40 hours of Raviente grind after the $200 entry cost. All JP pieces come with a maximum of 2 points in determination..

Many TW pieces will be best in slot for determination sets of many types and notably need no Raviente grind. TW pieces come with 3-4 points in determination. Actual gacha is very much not recommended for the TW ones due to outright direct sales happening previously but you can technically outright force pieces in around $370 if you somehow manage to get 320 brick rolls. Actual rolls needed can vary hugely.

Lottery Transmogs $50-100+ a set on step up.
$6-28 a set on Lucky Box.
$50-100+ a set on average.
No lucky boxes.

Lottery transmog tickets are 5% rolls on Step Up lotteries. These cost 2 coins per roll meaning that strictly in terms of averages it's 20 coins to force a piece of 100 coins for a set. Best case this puts it at $50 per set.
TW has an event 'Lucky Box' lottery for full sets of 5 transmog tickets. These lotteries contain five sets and remove rolls as you roll them this means if one of the sets you like is on this you will at most have to pay 50 coins to get the set (and will have 4 other full sets of transmogs from doing so).

BP Transmogs - Pure Gambling, $320 to force sets.

BP sets are very old Lottery sets that have transmogs in a 'Lucky Box' lottery. While you can only pull each roll once, it costs 30 coins for 11 rolls and with 220 possible results your chances of getting what you want are incredibly low. To force a set you actually want would cost $320 minimum.
These are not currently released on TW and are likely to be the same price range wise.

Other Buyables
Pugi Outfit
$1.65 $4.50

A premium outfit is required to equip your Pugi with a Premium Cuff, which are very much something that can enable an entire set depending on what skills you are going for. You will only ever need to buy one of these unless you want to play dress up with your pugis.

Every serious player should buy this.

Premium Pugi Cuffs
$3.30 $9.00

A set of tickets to craft whatever Premium Cuffs you desire. There are three different ticket packs with G Rank ones being the most useful and commonly utilised.

Always comes with 1x PA, 2x PB, 5x PC cuff materials for whatever type you buy (I, II or G).

100% build enabling across the board and often best in slot.

Character Slots $2.65 $9.00

An extra slot for a character on your account. These are completely disconnected from your first character and do not share inventory etc. but you can transfer items to them in the Gook Farm as long as you have an EX Course subscription.

If you utilise the Grace Course you will also be able to claim the set of daily consumables each day on every single character you have.

G Upgrade Tickets

$2.65 / 10 Tix

$4.60 / 20 Tix

$7.40 / 10 Tix

$12.80 / 20 Tix

Used to upgrade Premium Kit equipment to G Rank levels. Much less relevant in recent updates than before G9, Premium Kits generally come with at least 5 where needed.

Restyle Points $2.65 $6 to $7.20

Restyle points can change either your partner's or actual character's Face, Voice or Under Clothing. Each of these changes costs a single point.

These are only used for the aforementioned restyles, changing hairstyle never uses a Restyle point.

Gachapon (Lottery) $0.55 to $1.00 per Coin $0.50 to $0.90 per Coin

Lottery coins are pretty much exactly what you would expect. You use them to gamble. This is generally for the purpose of getting Lottery Exclusive armour pieces which are purely RNG dependant. Typically you should expect to spend in the region of 20 to 60 coins to get anything desirable, but actual number can vary wildly because of the nature of lotterires.

The TW server has multiple pieces of equipment that are exclusive to the Taiwanese version tied to lottery.

These coins can also be used to buy certain items such as Skill Fruits, Superior Tickets or Hiden Stones. Some of these items are exclusively available for purchase with coins only on the TW server.

Box Expansions $5.50 $6.50 per Page

Pages are per type, per character you can add up to 5 Equipment Pages and 5 Item Pages. This means you need to buy 10 for each character.

Realistically, you should never need these but they are an option.

Gender Change $7.90 $18.00

Simply costs 3 Restyle Points which makes it the equivalent of the best pricing for 3 Points.

Name Change $16.90 $-

It lets you change your character names. Service is unavailable on both servers currently. TW has had it the past but JP has never had them available but apparently are looking into it for the future. Was available on TW with a full gender swap for $20